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Tuesday, December 09, 2008 

I'm Still Alive

As GLad0S would say, “I’m still alive.” Lately the real world has been in the habit of getting in the way of me visiting all of my make-believe worlds. Now things finally seem to be settling down, and with Christmas coming I’m finally going to get a few weeks off of work and some much needed down time. It’s a good thing too – I’ve gotten way behind on my miniature painting, and there is a growing backlog of kickass games to be playing on the XBOX.

The good news is that life hasn’t been work-related gloom and doom. I played in two more Warmachine tournaments over the last couple of months at my FLGS. that makes for a grand total of three tourneys under my belt. (You can read about the first one here.)
The second was a 350pt. tourney called “CheeseMachine” that encouraged players to bring the nastiest, dirtiest, cheesiest list they could think of. For me, list-building is still one of the hardest apects of the game, and I suddenly realized now uncheesy Cygnar felt, especially compared to things like Cryx. I finally settled on Hailey list that used precursors knights with UA as a long gunner screen. The idea was to spam Temporal Barrier, use the spell-warded Precursors to block for the long gunners, and take advantage of the kneel tactic so the gunners could fire through them. The theory was that once close enough, Haily would feat (Blitz) and the long gunners would get three salvos, shooting the hell outta everything. Unfortunately, I drew Circle opponents for my first thee (THREE!) matches –between the shifting stones and Kaya’s spirit door they just ignored my TB and went wherever they wanted. None of the games ended well. In my last game I finally played Protectorate, and pulled off the win, although it was by VPs rather than a clean kill (gunners tore up the seneschals, Vilmon, and chain lighting ate the Chior and most of an exemplar unit, piling up the VPs) End score: 1-3

My third tournament was a 500pt. FoodMachine event. This was kind of a gimmicky charity tournament and it was a lot of fun. The setup: For each can of food you bring in,you get a ticket. You can use these tickets during a game to re-roll dice, get and extra focus, etc., but the cost goes up each time you “cheat.” Seeing an opportunity to compensate for my lack of skill, I brought in five cases (144 cans) of food! (Hey, it's a good cause.) Needless to say, I was a cheating bastard, but I still went 2-2. At least this time my two wins were by definitive caster kills, thanks mostly to Thorn and his Clairity Imprint. One of my losses were against a Sorcha/Beast 09/Kommandos/IFP list, and I just got owned. I took my alternate Stryker list for this game, but it didn’t help (in fact, I wished I had stuck with the Hailey list). I still haven’t figured out how to deal with that much hard armor. My second game was against a Menoth list that seemed like it had everything and the kitchen sink thrown in. I’ve heard the guys over at Fell Calls talk about “unraveling the Menoth Knot” – now I understand what that means.

All in all, I’m getting better, and my win/loss seems to be about 50% right now, which I guess isn’t bad. I’m too the point where I’m starting to know my own army pretty well, but I still get surprised a lot by what my opponent brings. With 5 warmachine books, a pirates book, and two hordes books it’s just awfully hard to keep track of it all when you are new. Although I’m finding that once you play something, and it pwns you, tend not to forget it. The people have been pretty cool – it’s somewhat intimidating to start going into a game store as the FNG, the folks have all been cool, willing to explain things, etc., and the new local press ganger has been just awesome at building community. (“Yay Jen!”)

I haven’t done just a ton of painting lately, but here are a few of the things I’ve been working on. I’m hoping to really hit it over the Holiday break and get back into the groove, and maybe crank out some full units...

One of my current favorites - Thorn.

Precursor Knight

The Angry Old Man - Nemo

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Dude, I am so sorry about the CheeseMachine pairings. I didn't realize you had played Circle that much. At least Haley is a fun gal to play against.

If it makes you feel better, my Trolls will be available for you to abuse. I need to figure out some stuff with them, and losing is a great way to do that. :P

Don't sweat it... Luck of the draw. You would think in three tries I could figure out how to beat it. :-)

I'm down for rumbling with the trolls - haven't played them yet. Let me know when you are free and we will get a game in.

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