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Saturday, January 03, 2009 

Looking ahead to 2009

Well, the great Christmas vacation is almost over, and I will say it has been awesome. I am well-rested and happier than I have been in a long time, although as a side effect, I think I realize now that my job is slowly killing me. Ah well.

I'm actually a huge fan of new years resolutions... well, not so much resolutions as "new year's goal setting." I guess they are pretty much the same thing, except that for me, goals come with plans, and that makes them a little more likely to happen. I usuually wirte up a lot of different goals - personal goals, work goals, and then my gamer goals. As this ismy gaming blog, I'm going to share some of my gaming goals with you.

But before we do that, let's take a moment and look back at last year... From a gaming standpoint, last year I wanted to go to my first "big" gaming convention, and take along 500 points of fully-painted Cygnar and Cryx armies so my friend and I could play at the tourney.

Good news is, I managed both goals! I went to the Penny Arcade Expo over Labor Day weekend and had a blast, and I managed to have both my 500 points Cryx and Cygnar painted for the event. PAX was kind of a turning point for me and gaming - it was after PAX that I decided I really wanted to get involved in the local scene and get to know some of the other players around here. One of the big catalysts for me was listening to the keynote speech given by video game designer Ken Levine. He talked about being a gamer in a way that made a lot of sense to me... It was awesome speech - very funny, and yet moving in some strange kind of way. I came home from PAX thinking that it was time to not worry so much about the being percieved as a dork, and it was time embrace the things that I enjoy in life. I was going to find my tribe.

I you haven't seen the speech, you really need to, so here it is:

After PAX, I started gaming with the local Warmachine group and since then, I've played in three tournaments, and managed to sneak quite a few friendly games in. The back-half of 2008 definately marked my transition from a closet miniature painter and stealth geek to full-blown gamer. I've have been outed.

Anyway, this is a brand new year, and I plan to keep it going... Gaming goals for this year - another visit to PAX, a lot more gaming, and a lot more painting. My goal this year is to end the year with everything I own for Cygnar painted. This list isn't really that bad, but the big units will almost certainly bog me down. Here is what I've got to get through:





I know a few folks that would set that as a one month goal (yes Jen, I'm talking about you), but for me, just getting that all done this year will be a good accomplishment. Of course, I'd also like to get a bunch of play in with them, as I feel like I'm really starting to get my head around both the army and the game. Then, I'll probably retire the Cygnar in 2010 and switch over to playing my Cryx army for a while. I'd also like to get into Hordes at some point, but the idea of starting with a whole new army while I still have so much pewter sitting in the closet doesn't sit that well with me. I like painted metal.

Beyond that, I would really like to go to one of the big tabletop focused cons like GenCon, Origins or TempleCon, but that trip may have to wait another year.

I did managed to get a few things painted over the break, but not nearly as much as I had hoped. Here are a few pics of what I did manage to accomplish:

Ol' Rowdy. Bring it, bitches.

A full set of Stormsmiths. Can you say "Triangulation?"

The Squire. Lackluster paint job, spectacular rules.

And for when things go bad... a wreck marker. I even die classy.

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Yes, I know I set insane painting goals. But I don't have a family here, so I need something to pass the time. It keeps me off the streets, and on a good day, it earns me $$ so I can buy more minis.

I'm glad you've embraced your gamer-ness. There's so much that's a part of the hobby that provides enjoyment -- playing, painting, talking shop. My goals is also to have fully painted Cygnar this year. Trolls will be the next likely candidate, then Menoth.

Rowdy looks great. I'm itching to paint mine, but I want to get some commission stuff done too. But he looks awfully lonely on my desk, all unpainted....

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