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Sunday, February 06, 2011 

Convention Envy

I'm finding myself pretty envious of all the folks at TempleCon right now, and I'm thinking I might have to figure out how to get it on the agenda for next year.  I spent most of the weekend following the news coming in over twitter and Lost Hemisphere, and it sounds like I've missed a really good time...  Instead, I spent the weekend at home with a cold.  The only good news - I managed to get quite a bit of painting done.  I finally finished up my Nihilators, and then I painted Morghoul and the my remaining Cyclops Savage.  Here is the latest from my painting desk:

With Morghoul and the other cyclops done,
I have a fully painted Skorne Warkpack!

The finished Nihilator models.  These were actually really fun to paint. 
Very simple, and they went fast. (Sorry for the poor focus... Camera was struggling!)
And here is my entire painted Skorne force - the warpack, two min Cetrati, a unit
of paingivers and a full unit of Nihilators.  Next up, Hakaar and a Bronzeback!

All the excitement from TempleCon has pretty much convinced me that Lock and Load is going to be a "must-attend" event - and unlike Rhode Island, Seattle is only a quick 45 minute flight away.   I'm really exicted to see where the game is going with Wrath and the Battle Engines, and everything else the next year holds in store.  It's going to be awesome to be out of "MK II Release Mode" and back into the normal swing of things!

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